flowStick PLATO for trumpet

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The flowStick helps you optimize airflow, improve sound and increase fitness. 
The air consumption can be adjusted with the screw, and other features offer you full flexibility for your individual training. 
Airflow training together with the instrument is easy, efficient and fun! 
It is suitable for beginners, hobby musicians as well as professionals and fits all common trumpets with a shaft size of about 11mm. 

Product Details

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  • A special borehole inside and a small air hole in front of the screw offer optimal airflow and a more airy sound. 
  • By turning the screw, the air consumption or air resistance can be adjusted individually. 
  • The following colors can be chosen for the screw: gold, blue, green, violet, orange.
  • With the included cotton ribbon, the PLATO can also be hung around the neck and offers a quick change. 
  • The usual position of the instrument remains upright.


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Made of high-quality biocompatible plastic.
The material of the flowStick is heat resistant up to max.90°C.
Colour: black

designed & finished in Austria, produced in Germany

How to use

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  • The flowStick is used on the instrument instead of the mouthpiece. 
  • It is placed slightly in the mouth so that the air flows only into the instrument. 
  • Imagine the melody/music and play it under constant airflow.
  • The air noise of the flowStick gives feedback about the air intensity. 


The air resistance or air consumption can be adjusted by turning the screw. Maximum air consumption is achieved by removing the screw. 
The length of the ribbon is variable. This is possible by pulling the ends of the cord apart or together. The flowStick can generally be used with or without the strap, depending on preference. 
It is recommended to alternate between normal playing and flowStick constantly. Any melodies are suitable for this but especially flowStudies.

Difference between LETO and PLATO

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The system of the model LETO allows a very vocal and melodious blowing feeling. Air resistance and air consumption are modeled on the usual playing on the instrument. 
The system of the PLATO model allows a very free and voluminous airflow. The air consumption is higher than with the usual playing on the instrument. 

In general, the blowing resistance of the LETO is somewhat higher than that of the PLATO. Air consumption, on the other hand, is slightly higher with the PLATO.