flowStick for french horn

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  • The flowStick for french horn is suitable for all common horn models with a bore size of about 8.5mm.
  • The front of the flowStick is pleasantly adapted to the shape of the lips.
  • The borehole inside and a small air hole in front of the screw offer optimal airflow and a more airy sound. 
  • By turning the screw, the air consumption or air resistance can be adjusted individually.
  • A certain screw position offers additional control of the air volume because the air sound changes considerably depending on the air volume. 
  • With the included cotton ribbon, the flowStick for french horn can also be hung around the neck and offers a quick change.
  • The engraved arrow and lettering help to find the position of the flowStick on the horn faster. 
  • The usual position of the instrument remains upright. 


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Made of high-quality biocompatible plastic.
Color: black
The ribbon is made of black waxed cotton. 

designed & finished in Austria, produced in Germany

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  • flowStick
  • ribbon
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