The flowStick helps to...

optimize the airflow 

The air noise of the flowStick changes according to the air volume or airspeed. This feedback helps to find a feeling for an optimal air dosage. It is crucial to choose an individually suitable screw position. 

coordinate tongue, fingers and air

Especially in fast or generally difficult passages, the flowStick helps to coordinate the finger and tongue movements with the airflow. 

activate breathing

Whether it's a warm-up for the day or a concert: the flowStick is ideal for this. It activates the respiratory muscles and makes mentally effective but muscularly very relaxed runs possible before (energy-sapping) concerts.

release tension

Playing with the flowStick offers the muscles breaks to recover, which also releases tension. In addition, the flowStick enables a very light, almost recorder-like feeling when playing. This makes the muscles fit and loose. 

practice mentally

With the flowStick, you can play through whole pieces and also prepare them mentally. The recorder-like lightness of playing with the flowStick is a blessing for the head and muscles during very demanding passages. This mental training is also appealing to children. 

find a free blowing feeling

The flowStick automatically focuses on the freeest possible air flow. Any unwanted air stops are also relatively easy to notice. It is recommended to consciously pay attention to free airways (throat, mouth, tongue, etc.) during flowStick play and to select an individually suitable screw position.

The flowStick is useful for...

flow Studies

The flowStick is the optimal complement for flow studies. Frequent switching between flowStick and normal playing improves the feeling of the airflow significantly and quickly.

young students

Easy to use because the mouth does not have to form a nozzle. The screw allows the air consumption to be adequately varied, even for very young students. Also ideal for playing along with the teacher or recordings. Airflow training together with the instrument is also really fun! 

PlayAlong with your idols

The flowStick is wonderfully suitable for playing along with recordings / play-alongs or the teacher. This also works with whole pieces. 

any kind of melody

The flowStick can be used for all pieces or melodies to improve the airflow.

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